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Sun, Fire Smoke, Wind, Taos Valley And Beyond

Sun and fire smoke with wind across the Taos Valley and beyond. A few images from yesterday evening when smoke from Colorado, California and New Mexico filled the skies over most of the state. I had fun finding locations most of which I’m very familiar with so it wasn’t too difficult. Rather apocalyptic looking. Stay safe, be well and thanks for looking. G

Sun, Smoke, Wind, Taos Valley And Beyond

Flags in the wind

Fire smoke sunset cross

Prayer flags sunset

Sunball Arroyo Hondo




10 thoughts on “Sun, Fire Smoke, Wind, Taos Valley And Beyond”

  1. Loved them all!! I have noted to people in States that don’t have fires to the magnitude some others do that the sun is beautiful through the smoke and sunsets and sunrises are luminous.

  2. Great set of photos! Beautiful, yet eerie. Thanks for sharing them. There have been so many photos, & they look so apologetic ~ And it’s so hard to “like” the photos when know the devastating cause of their beauty.
    Until the cold front blasted through, the smoke was so thick here you couldn’t see the mountains & you could taste the air. Prayers that the snow helped the wildland firefighters up by Ft Collins…


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