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Venus, Crescent Moon, San Cristobal, NM

Venus, Crescent Moon, over San Cristobal, NM. I was out on the deck three nights this week enjoying the Venus, Moon conjunction. Did you see it? The planet and moon were hidden, here in San Cristobal, earlier in the evening. When they ultimately emerged from the clouds I was suspended in time, until that is, a plane passed between the moon and my camera. You can make out the plane in the second image. Thanks for looking. G

Venus, Crescent Moon, San Cristobal, NM.

Crescent Moon, Venus, Plane, San Cristobal, NM.

10 thoughts on “Venus, Crescent Moon, San Cristobal, NM”

  1. Thank you for your images. I also have been enjoying this night sky the last 2 nights in Iowa.
    Also, I am grateful to you because I have been sharing your words and photos w/ my FB friends. I believe it has helped people during these wild pandemic days. Thank you!

    • It is a plane. I saw it coming and they aligned. It was a cloudy sky so it wasn’t a sharp imge of the plane so I understand it looking like a bird. Thanks Brenda. G


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