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Young Bighorn Sheep, Rio Grande Gorge

Young Bighorn sheep in the Orilla Verde Recreation Area of the Rio Grande Gorge. Beautiful drive today along the High Road to Taos. Picnic in an alpine meadow above Truchas with a couple of Alpaca onlookers, in 55 degree temperatures. Returning home through Dixon and the Orilla Verde RA, in the Rio Grande Gorge we encountered a number of young bighorns. This one bolted up out of the steep cliffs below us to the east and across the road, only to stop on the west side of the dirt road and pose right next to us, for a number of images, before moseying off grinding on sage brush shoots. A good day! Thanks for looking. G

Young Bighorn sheep, Rio Grande Gorge

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8 thoughts on “Young Bighorn Sheep, Rio Grande Gorge”

  1. Absolutely stunning….color, composition…what’s focused, what’s blurred…the eye…the tilt of the head…the curve of the neck…the sheltering energy of the sage….oh my heavens! Just lovely. Maybe he’s a relative of the Big Horn Sheep in the Badlands of SD.


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