Cerro Pedernal Sunset, Crescent Moon, Venus

Cerro Pedernal sunset, Crescent Moon, Venus, across the Taos Volcanic Plateau. One from the archive many moons ago! When I lived on the south side of Taos I would drive up the hill behind our home where this view was a constant reminder of the beauty and one of many reasons I live here. The kids would sometimes join me while I was photographing, they would read their books, do a little homework or simply luxuriate, basking in the scene alongside me. Many memories represented in this image. Thanks for looking. G

Cerro Pedernal Sunset, Crescent Moon, Venus

6 thoughts on “Cerro Pedernal Sunset, Crescent Moon, Venus

  1. Thank you Geraint! What a way to start my morning…You remind us everyday of the beauty
    around us, the energy we share & love.

  2. A Special photo such as this, along with your personal Recollections & Memories particularly stand out to Indulge the viewer in a completely different Manner, as well as Perspective. Moments such as these are indeed Priceless – not to mention your Professionalism, and distinct Talents that I’m/we’re Delighted to see along the way. Woud be Honored to join you on many of your listed Day Tours, etc., Geraint! The timing just isn’t quite there at this point in time…. Many thanks again!

    1. I’m honored Ronald. Thank you. When the timing is right and you find yourself here it will be a pleasure to show you my corner of the world. G

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