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Mobile Home, The Moon, The Birds, In a Window, On the Roadside

Greetings from northern New Mexico. A mobile home in our neighborhood (so New Mexico) with the moon rising over the San Cristobal Valley.

Mobile Home, moonrise
Mobile home full moonrise, San Cristobal, NM

And the next night from the driveway as the moon slinked over the ridge.

Full moon rise Sangre de Cristo foothills
Full moon rise over the Sangre de Cristo foothills, San Cristobal, NM

The birds I’ve seen the most this winter are always American Kestrels, and this year joining them en masse are thousands of Pinyon Jays. I have never seen so many Pinyon Jays. They are raucous and over the top loud. They devoured the birdseed in the feeders in no time at all. Usually, there is a handful. I’ve added a picture below of one individual.

American Kestrel
American Kestrel
Pinyon Jay
Pinyon Jay or as we like to spell it in New Mexico, “Piñon Jay”

I couldn’t resist the juxtaposition in a window in the photo below. Everything is for sale. I just take the photo.

Guadalupe Window
Guadalupe in a Window

Drive-by shooting on the roadside. I do this a lot. Many scenes look like this here in New Mexico. Someone deposits the sofa making it someone else’s problem. If it’s in good condition, it will probably find a home. The fate of the couch is now left up to someone else. The original owner has absolved themselves of any further responsibility and saved themselves the trash dump fee. So New Mexico!

Roadside sofa, New Mexico Style
Roadside sofa, (so) New Mexico style.

Let’s end with a tranquil scene at Williams Lake in the mountains close to where I live. Last year was the first time I didn’t hike to the lake. It is a favorite hike and will be on the hiking agenda again this year as soon as the snow melts.

Williams Lake in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains
Williams Lake in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of northern New Mexico.

I made a print of Valley of the Gods.

Valley of the Gods
New Print, Valley of the Gods

Click here to go to the purchase print page. The print is large but I can print it smaller than the sizes shown.

As always, thank you for looking and for all the kind comments and compliments over the last few weeks. Until next week, have a great week. G

14 thoughts on “Mobile Home, The Moon, The Birds, In a Window, On the Roadside”

  1. Such a nice album. We have sofa dumpers in Milwaukee, too. Once it rains, it’s a real problem. Loved your photo of Williams Lake. We hiked to it in 2011 and were proud of ourselves, as we were not sure if the altitude would be a problem – it was not – and despite our getting a late start we hustled down pretty easily. And as it got dark, we were passed by a young man heading up. In shorts. Thanks for the memories. jim

    • Thank you, Jim. It is the contrasts that make NM. If you are back here and the timing is right let’s go to the lake. You’ll probably have to wait for my slow butt to keep up with you! G

  2. Another treat of beautiful photographs. The jays have bombarded my feeder to along with hoards of Steller’s jays. Never have seen so many before. Glad you are doing well.

  3. The Williams Lake hike is currently a mess. Between the “new” trail and tree fall, instead of one trail with packed snow, there are a thousand with lots of post holing. If you stay near the “old” trail, it may eventually get better. I’ll try it again next week. Even my sled dog didn’t like it.

    • Thank you for the info Gary. I’ve seen the trail in bad shape in the past. One July 4 the avalanche snow field was so deep it was difficult to cross especially with my son on my back. We kept sinking up to my thighs. My dogs didn’t like it either. I’ll wait a while! Thanks, Gary. G

  4. Great work. Glad we are not the only country where settees (sofas) get dumped. Perhaps it would be better all round if the cost of disposing of these large items was done away with then there’d be no need to dump. Must save money in the long run surely? Rant over. Love your photos.

    • Thank you Elizabeth. Living in Leeds there was a lot of furniture dumping. Fortunately there is Guy Fawkes night when they mysteriously vanished! I hope you are well in Wales! G


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