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Mountain Sunset Over The Jemez Mountains

Mountain sunset over the Jemez Mountains southwest of where we live, and there have been some amazing sunsets this week. I now have a shooting platform I hadn’t considered before… until now. It’s just outside the garden gate a few steps from the the studio door. It’s called a wall! Yes a beautiful flat wall with this spectacular view of the winter sunsets. I’ll have to wait until spring to check out the continuity of views from this location. Thanks for looking. G

mountain sunset jemez

5 thoughts on “Mountain Sunset Over The Jemez Mountains”

    • Thank you Brenda. I hope you are making some great images and having a good time in Pagosa. Thanks for looking and taking the time to write. G

  1. I really enjoy your photography. I hope you sell licenses for use of your work. If you do, I would like to purchase a license to use this image from you in order to blow up the image’s size, adjust the lower margin up, and then to apply the adjusted image onto aluminum metal plates for a large wall art (image accross 3 metal plates). I’m hoping you could accommodate such a request. This type of art does require the image to be a very high pixel image that will accommodate a 90-inch wide panorama (across 3 metal plates). Absent high pixels, the image become pixelated when blown up for a larger image. I would use a photo lab in San Francisco to mount the image on the 3 plates. The image I’m interested in is “mountain sunset Jemez mountains.”

    Thank you.

    Don Dixon


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