Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Photo grid from the iPhone. I took a screenshot of the rows of images as they appeared in the photos app on the iPhone. I thought it looked rather interesting as I explored the scene from a distant view to the close up of the shadows on the steps leading up to the doorway. I’m always on the lookout for something different, and then it happens! Thanks for looking. G

Photo grid from the iPhone

2 thoughts on “Photo Grid On The iPhone”

  1. “And then it happens!” Fascinating! That’s how it was for me on our photo tour in 2014. I was mesmerized by the Rio Grande Gorge, way down below, on one side of the road, and you said, ‘Look.’ I turned and there, practically at eye level, on the side of the cliff behind us, was a group of wild bighorn sheep! The photos I got are priceless!

    I love looking at your awesome nature photography, Geraint. Thank you for posting Photo of the Day.
    I don’t get here often enough, but when I do, your photos always take me back to Northern New Mexico.

    • Hi CC. Good to hear from you. Thank you for the compliments. I hope to see you back here soon one day. My best to you and thank you for dropping in! G


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