Sunset Cloud, Taos Mountain

Sunset cloud, Taos Mountain. So, here’s the image that followed yesterday’s picture, ending that day. Had I thought about it I could have added them sequentially. But… I was diving in too deep when I should have been paddling around the edge of the pool. It’s a subtle image, I know, that is what I like about our mountain, it has many personas determined by the light, and as you know, we have the light here in New Mexico. Stay well, and I’ll see you tomorrow from somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Thanks for looking. G

Sunset Cloud, Taos Mountain

10 thoughts on “Sunset Cloud, Taos Mountain

  1. The ever changing character and mood of our mountain is boundless… your images capture so much range of its visual vocabulary! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Can I quote you. This is a nice observation an beautifully put. Thank you my friend. Good to speak with you today. Thank you Chris. G

  2. Thanks for the great photos. I’m really enjoying them. I live near Denver but my sons live in Taos so I always enjoy seeing what I feel is my second home, a very beautiful one.

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