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Sunset, Taos Plateau Volcanic Field, NM

Sunset over the Taos Plateau Volcanic Field, New Mexico. I haven’t been out shouting sunsets for a while. I prefer the effects of a sunset on something. I’ve never sold more than a few pictures of sunsets. But the effects of a sunset in the opposite direction, on the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, are much more popular. These days I prefer to sit and watch with a martini in my hand. So in honor of a gorgeous sky and sunset, here’s a panorama. Thanks for looking. G

Sunset over the Taos Plateau Volcanic Field, New Mexico

8 thoughts on “Sunset, Taos Plateau Volcanic Field, NM”

  1. Wow. Magical. Reminded me of the words of the Welsh hymn. Tydi a Roddaist. (Tydi a roddaist liw i wawr, a hud i’r machlud mwyn. trans. You who gave the the dawn it’s colour and the gentle sunset it’s magic)

    • Well my goodness that’s so Welsh of you. Do you get sunsets in Wales? I only remember rain, especially at the seaside. I’m kidding, it was mostly gray. Thank you Elizabeth. G


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