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Slate River, Crested Butte, Colorado

Slate River, Crested Butte, Colorado. Yep, the colors along the banks of the Slate River look like this. I’ve seen similar colors of slate lining walls in homes and more upscale hotels. Where I grew up in Wales the roofs were all blue slate and the houses built from locally quarried stone. This particular geology has the iron colors running throughout. I like it and reminds me of home. Thanks for looking. G

Slate River, Crested Butte, Colorado.

8 thoughts on “Slate River, Crested Butte, Colorado”

  1. As you may remember, I call these ‘found photos.’ You found it and created it vs. a sunrise or sunset where everyone knows it is beautiful. There are likely many photos within this photo. Thanks for showing some abstracts.

    • Hi Harold good to hear from you. I hope you are well. I remember our conversations around the subject. Thank you for the reminder, my friend. G

  2. Hi great shot intriguing you can take the man out of Wales but you cannot take Wales out of the man as your dad would have said.

    • Thanks Alison. I haven’t forgotten that about my dad. But I was glad we left Wales. I feel more at home in Scotland. Maybe there’s some Scottish blood in there too. G


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