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Venus, Crescent Moon, Sangre De Cristos

Venus and the Crescent Moon this morning over the Sangre De Cristo Mountains of New Mexico. There was peace and quiet at six o’clock as Venus and the crescent moon slipped silently above the slumbering pine ridge into the crystal clear lavender dawn. I had the camera shutter on silent mode so as to preserve the lingering tranquility in the frosty air, my breath fogged the LCD. A few more frames and it was time for the local rooster’s wake up call. It didn’t come! My neighbors turkey beat him to it and let out a blood curdling gobble, gobble, gobble, that echoed around the valley. Time for a cup of tea.  Below is an image of the moon as it crested the tree line five minutes earlier. Thanks for looking. G

Venus, Crescent Moon, Sangre De Cristos

Crescent Moon, Sangre De Cristos

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