Visit Taos, New Mexico Later, Please

Visit Taos, New Mexico… later, please. I posted a similar picture with these words on Facebook. They struck a cord and got shared many times over. We are a small community and things spread fast. We are taking things seriously and following CDC guidelines. We will welcome you back with open arms when things are better. The situation is here is serious right now, with the highest per capita cases for a county in New Mexico. Our state is also in lock down with 14 day quarantine orders and Taos has a curfew in place. Nothing is open, there’s no where to stay anyway. For those still wanting to flee the craziness in surrounding states please help by staying home, that way our efforts here won’t be in vain. Thanks for indulging me a moment to share this. Thanks for loving Taos. We love you, I love you. Geraint

Visit Taos, New Mexico Later, Please

14 thoughts on “Visit Taos, New Mexico Later, Please

  1. Great message! Hard to imagine Taos being shut down, but everything is a bit surreal. Good to be safe. I’m going on three weeks at home, thankful for walks at my nearby park. Hope you are doing well, stay healthy, love and hugs!

    1. We are doing well here. Thank you Susie. I’m glad you made it here last year. Continue to stay well yourself. G and P

    1. Thank you Dominique. I probably have a few that would suit that category. I plan on perusing you clubs website. Be well. G

  2. I understand! Kentucky Tourism has an ad on Facebook which is asking forks to come explore KY. I am sure this is something that was overlooked, because right now our campgrounds at state parks are close. Basically, we are closed! Don’t come to KY until the Virus Storm passes. Stay in your own state. Respect your neighbor’s health.

  3. What a beautiful way to share a very critical message. I get it and have respected a Shelter In Place mandate in California for many weeks now, and grateful for the leadership of our Governor Gavin Newsom. Watched the special on Italy , Code Red (forgot the exact title) last night and it was daunting, sobering, and frightening what that they have indured. To see the efforts of one mayor work tirelessly to help his town in so many ways left me stunned. I hope you saw the special. Be well and stay and stay Safe in Taos.

    1. It’s good to hear from you Stephanie. I’m glad to hear you are well in California. It sure is crazy but I’m glad to stay home in this critical time. I hope everything else in your world is going well. I will look for the special to watch. Stay safer and well. G

    1. We are doing well Peter. Let me know when things settle down if you’re going to make here. It will be good to see you. Thanks Peter. G

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