Under The Rocks At Abiquiu Lake

Under the rocks Abiquiu Lake with Cerro Pedernal as the backdrop. It’s a wonderful shady spot under these rocks with the breeze coming off the lake to cool the 100 degree temperatures down. No need to rush off yet! In all the times I’ve visited here, I’ve always enjoyed the view out across the lake to Georgia O’Keeffe’s mountain, so I’d not seen the hand glyphs overhead, in the top left corner, until this visit. I’ve searched for the origin of the hands online but haven’t come up with anything yet. I’ve added an image below. They look like wet palm prints from the kids jumping off the rocks into the lake below me, but they are permanent in the rock. If I find out more I’ll add it to this blog. Thanks for looking. G

Under The Rocks Abiquiu Lake

Under The Rocks At Abiquiu Lake

5 thoughts on “Under The Rocks At Abiquiu Lake

  1. Spectacular Vantage Point –
    including zooming in on these Vibrant Colors of this Emerald Lake, G. O’keeffe’s mountain, Bright blue sky and clouds, etc. Children’s hand prints also Embellish this special Overhang, as well. Can only Imagine her vision of this Landscape so many years ago. Excellent work, as per usual, Geraint! Thanks again, and feel like taking a Swim….

  2. I am the One that owes you much Gratitude, Geraint. Thank you for your kind response….
    Best to you & your Family, too.

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