Cerro Pedernal, Storm Clouds, Rio Chama, New Mexico

Cerro Pedernal, with storm clouds, from the Rio Chama road, New Mexico. This view is from over my shoulder in yesterdays image. I like to remind my photographer friends to always look behind, up and down from the obvious view in front. Many of my best images are from some of the more spontaneous moments I come across. Spotting them on the fly, heading down the road, and finding more than I originally planned. Join me, some time, when this current situation changes and I’ll show you some of New Mexico prime locations. Thanks for looking. G

Cerro Pedernal, Storm Clouds, Rio Chama, New Mexico

4 thoughts on “Cerro Pedernal, Storm Clouds, Rio Chama, New Mexico

    1. Scary and awesome. I actually remember that this particular storm didn’t amount to much. You may remember times like this in NM where the storm assuages as we wait for the rain. Today ways a good day for rain. Photos to come. Stay tuned. Thanks Sandy. G

  1. Wow! That’s quite a set of clouds. I’ve learned so much from you, but the suggestion to look in all directions when creating an image has consistently been one of the most valuable photography tips I ever received.

    1. That’s a nice testament. Thank you so much Ron. Nice to know someone was paying attention. You’re the best. Love to you and Monica. G

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