Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

We stopped in to visit that same old truck from last week’s post on a photo tour/workshop this week. I added a couple of images of the other work trucks parked at the same location. My client and I played it safe on this trip traveling in separate vehicles and keeping a safe shooting space between us on the High Road to Taos, the Rio Grande Gorge, and the Sites of Taos tours. Since then I’ve had my first Covid vaccine (yeah!) with my booster scheduled for the end of March. If you feel safe traveling and have had your vaccinations and would like to join me here in New Mexico, I’m booking dates from mid-April through the rest of the year. I believe we can do this safely and enjoyably in my vehicle which hasn’t been possible for the last year. I’ll be happy and look forward to introducing you to some of my favorite locations in this area.

Overland Ranch

GMC truck weathered patina

Overland Ranch truck detail

GMC truck oxidation

Chevrolet Truck

Old Chevy truck

Door handle

Bolts and patina Chevy Truck

Chevy work truck

As always thank you for looking.


14 thoughts on “Details, Details, Details”

  1. Wow, oh Wow, I love the close ups a lot. Makes me want to hustle out to a vehicle I saw this morning. And so glad that you’ll be back in business with photo tours this year.

  2. I love these and especially the thoughts that are provoked about the history behind the abandoned vehicles and or abandoned places. I think about that and wonder about the people…..

    • A nice day out for the drive and photography. I took mam and dad out here on their first trip to Taos in 1989. They loved it. Thanks, Alison. G


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