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A Glass Abstract Caught My Eye

Glass Abstract. The dark negative shape caught my eye. On closer inspection, I could see the inside glow cast from the window in the door. I liked the way the pieces of glass in the frame were reflecting different aspects of the scene around me. The upper section of sherds give a good idea of the scene behind me, that is, the top part of the street. The beige sherd on the lower left portion of the frame, leaning forward, reflects the road surface where I am standing. The section of glass with the sky reflecting, was leaning away from me into the room. The right corner gives away the location of a scene long gone, that I spotted from a stop at the nearby intersection. Thanks for looking. G

Glass Abstract

6 thoughts on “A Glass Abstract Caught My Eye”

  1. There’s a lot to see in this one and just as much to imagine. From the left of the telephone pole, I see two separate mountain ranges…the one in front has detail and the back on is in silhouette.


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