Golden Sunlight, El Prado Trees

Golden sunlight, El Prado trees. Through the trees in El Prado (the meadows), we caught a glimpse of Taos Mountain, back there, emerging from the clouds. As we pulled out of the gas station, just across the street, we had enough time to grab a few shots of this scene before it was gone. I hope it was a good day in your world today. It was brilliant right here in the golden sunlight. Thanks for looking. G

Golden Sunlight, El Prado Trees

6 thoughts on “Golden Sunlight, El Prado Trees

  1. We get chinooks where I live, and when the clouds are dark and the sun dips below them just before sunset it sometimes shows like this – golden light against a dark background. Really, a photo can hardly do justice to that kind of beauty. Lovely lovely photo!

    1. Thank you Darryl. It’s a great effect on the landscape. It happens here relatively frequently especially in summer. Thanks for looking and taking the time to comment. G

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