Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

The Mane Thing On The High Road To Taos

The mane thing on the High Road to Taos. As in … I can’t help myself. I see a horse and I have to make an image of it’s mane. I get a portrait of the horse, of course, but invariably I drift over it’s back to it’s mane. This is where it’s soul resides for me. I often stare for ages at this place. I’ve added a couple of links below to images from other encounters. Thanks for looking. G


2 thoughts on “The Mane Thing On The High Road To Taos”

  1. In my wild childhood we all rode our horses bareback, with only flip-flops on our feet. We stayed on by grabbing their manes with our right hands, keeping the reins in our left (as all good cowboys need their right for their ropes). My horse would take off the minute my hand would touch his mane.

    I love your pictures of horses standing out in a field, or those close-ups of their manes. Thank you.


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