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Taos Mountain, Orilla Verde, Clouds, July 27, 2022

Taos Mountain beckoned across the meadows yesterday on my drive home. It always does! The lighting was intensely bright on the rocky outcroppings and peaks. It looked like snow had accumulated or, perhaps, hail.

Earlier, my son, Dylan, and I drove late afternoon along the Rio Grande south of Taos. The elusive wildlife was probably due to the number of paddlers on that stretch of the river. There were many areas of washouts along the roadside, evidenced in the very muddy river. Dylan spotted a Great Blue Heron who wasn’t having much luck fishing in the brown waters.

We drove on to the Taos Junction Bridge, where I shot the last image, in this post, of the headland that divides the confluence of the Rio Pueblo and the Rio Grande.

I’m beginning this blog at the end and winding up at the beginning.

I hope everyone is staying as hydrated and cool as possible where you are. If you enjoy the cool mountain air and a trip here appeals to you, join me on a photo tour/workshop in the high desert of northern New Mexico.

Taos Mountain storm in Black and white
Taos Mountain storm in black and white.

… and in color. I’m partial to the black and white myself.

Taos Mountain storm in color
Taos Mountain storm in color.

I shot the image below in the Orilla Verde Recreation Area The storm clouds were building. I suspect it looked like this yesterday before the deluge that washed out parts of the roads in the area. I exposed the image for the lighter areas of the clouds and picked up the little highlight on the green grasses of the bench. I lightened the shadow to bring out the other green hues on the hillsides and the rock faces. Moody, just like I experienced the scene.

Sky and Mesa, Orilla Verde, NM
The sky over, Orilla Verde Recreation Area, NM.

If you are interested in seeing more images of Taos Mountain or the Orilla Verde Recreation Area you can put these search terms in the search bar on the website.

As always, thank you for looking. Have a great week. G

19 thoughts on “Taos Mountain, Orilla Verde, Clouds, July 27, 2022”

    • Thank you, Brian. The dirt road is open just washed out in places mostly along the edges from what we saw. Didn’t go up it. Stayed on the pavement. It doesn’t look very busy down there in Orilla Verde. Should be nice for a camping trip. I hope you and Yvonne are well and enjoying the rain. G

  1. Just gorgeous as always. Love the b & w and the color comparison. The clouds look so much more ominous in the black & white photo. THANX for sharing…again…brings me back to NM 💙

  2. Shows the beauty of B&W over color!
    I keep showing mine to our photo club, but they always prefer color. Maybe I need to improve my conversions.

    • I like your black and white images. Keep showing only black and white. This comparison is rare for me!
      Thank you, Carlos. I hope you are doing better now after Covid. Looking forward to seeing your pictures from Scotland. G

  3. I love the bow, but, or should I say and the color is compelling. You are an artist. Thanks for posting these images.


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