Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Vallecito Mountain, Ghost Ranch, Starry Night.

It had snowed on the peaks a couple of weeks ago. The storm went on for most of the day, but as is usually the case the clouds linger as the storm clears, and the sun peeps through the cracks wherever it can. I made a short drive south to see what the potential might be for a photo. It was a subtle light that illuminated the trees and rocks of Vallecito (little valley). I made the second image a close-up shot (double click on the image to expand and see the detail) …and the third image… well what can I say? The sun had its day with the mountain peak.

Vallecito Mountain Peak New Mexico
Vallecito Mountain Peak, New Mexico

Vallecito Mountain Peak snow and sunlit
Close up of the detail on Vallecito Mountain Peak, New Mexico

Vallecito Mountain Peak
Sunset on Vallecito Mountain Peak, New Mexico

I made the image below this past summer and decided to prin it. It’s much more dramatic in color, so much so that the color will never see the light of day. I particularly liked the way the cloud appears to have been blown into position.

Ghost Ranch New Mexico
Black and white print depicting an area of Ghost Ranch, New Mexico.

Black and White framed print of Ghost Ranch New Mexico
Framed back and white print of Ghost Ranch New Mexico.

Print of Ghost Ranch New Mexico hanging in a home setting
Framed print of Ghost Ranch hanging in a home setting.

Thank you to all who purchased a print of “Starry Night at the Saint Francis Church”, and the many other purchases this week. I’m grateful and appreciate all the support of my work.

Milky way, Saint Francis church
Starry Night, Saint Francis church, Ranchos de Taos, NM

As always, thank you for looking. G

9 thoughts on “Vallecito Mountain, Ghost Ranch, Starry Night.”

  1. These photos are so breathtaking, and then……we come to ‘Starry Night’! Oh my goodness!
    Thank you for sharing your vision.

  2. I’m a Southwesterner, who moved to NC to be near my son. So appreciate all your photos. The Taos church & stars is outstanding!!

    • Thank you, Barbara, I couldn’t live anywhere else, so I know the feeling. I understand wanting to be with one’s family, that would be a hard decision for me. G

    • Thank you, Barbara. It would be hard for me to leave here. I glad you enjoy my work and it brings you closer to home. Have fun with your family. G

  3. Each of these photos takes my breath away. So clear and detailed with hills and valleys. AND, an aside, the image of “Olive Oil sitting on her rocking chair” in Vallecitos is really clear. …I wish she was covered in white right now.

    • Snow will be great when it gets here. I must admit I’m enjoying the sunny warm days without the stifling heat of summer! Thank you for your comments and compliments always, Jo. G


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