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Raton, New Mexico. Around the Block. 08-31-22

Raton, New Mexico, is a two-hour drive from home in San Cristobal. Every time I visit Raton, which isn’t often but often enough for me to become familiar with the town and neighbors, I always find something to photograph. There’s always something that delights me each time.

Raton New Mexico
Welcome to Raton, New Mexico.

Marchiondo’s Store, City Market, Texan Motel.

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In its heyday, Raton was a happening place.

Every motel had a cafe, making it a one-stop for travelers. Some of the motels have an enclosed garage with each room. Popular on a lot of cross country routes.
Which motel to choose? Breakfast, lunch, and dinner ‘in our cafe’ no less, as opposed to in your room.

The Colt Motel.

Dog and pony show at the Colt Motel.

Schwede’s Saloon, Raton, NM It says on the board “B E SAFE”, followed by “GODB LESS” and a phone number.

The Servomation van has been parked for several years in a downtown alleyway. I enjoyed the bricked-in patterns in the wall.

Then around a corner on a side street, five pots and two downspouts with a solitary cloud.

Wall and sidewalk

Architecture details on walls and sidewalks.

American flag and a bicycle through the blistered reflective window covering.

“Smile”. I didn’t see any cameras around the back of this building but it did make me smile!

Spirit figures in the plywood paneling on the boarded up Texan Motel. With all the stories these empty buildings can tell, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more than just these impressions floatining around beyond the panels.

With all the boarded up buildings whoever has the plywood concession in this town must be doing well for themselves.

The town maintains a mighty dignity through it’s years of economic drought, and as the sign in the window says…

Send more tourists.

After a fun day walking around different areas in town it was time to make the drive home.

We had to make a stop in Cold Beer, NM on US 64, formerly known as the Colfax Tavern …

Cold Beer, NM

… for a cold beer and some portrait making in the natural window light.

Good friend and all round good bloke, R. David Marks.

I hope you enjoyed a trip around the block. As always, thank you for looking. G

22 thoughts on “Raton, New Mexico. Around the Block. 08-31-22”

  1. I would have enjoyed that.
    Wondering if I could find a reasonably priced little house there. Always had a soft spot for “Rathouse” as my grandpa called it.

  2. I would have enjoyed that.
    Wondering if I could find a reasonably priced little house there. Always had a soft spot for “Rathouse” as my grandpa called it.

  3. Thanks Geraint……. I like Raton and all NE NM, and also because our shared friend, I mean bloke, is looking good…….Jay

  4. Love this Walkabout in Raton … it’s typically stuck in my memory as where my old Jeep would choke on the drive back to CO from Texas or Santa Fe when the carburetor had to be adjusted for higher elevation . Lol

    Tha I’d again

  5. Some places are burned into my memory, weather I visited them yesterday or 50 plus years ago. Raton New Mexico is just such a spot from a trip to Philmont Scout Ranch in 1963. Thanks for rekindling those memories.

    • So many people I know went to Philmont. I got to photograph there once a while back. Thank you, Hadley. I hope you are well and making great images. G

  6. On the old days driving cross country to N.NM we’d often pass through Raton, but not lately. Maybe next time, as these photos make it dam near imperative. Many thanks for another excellent blog.

    • It had been a few years since I was there BC! I always enjoy a day or two in Raton. It’s a different and friendly homespun place. I like it. I hope you to get to stop there again. Thank you, Jim. G

  7. Man, you were on that day, I love them all. The motel with a garage…there is a famous one in Tucumcari, on Route 66. It is the Blue Swallow, which features “100% Refrigerated Air”, I bet you have that one, too!

    • Thank you, Larry. I have been to the blue swallow and have a few images. I shot pictures of the hood ornaments on the cars mostly. I have a few images of the motor court. I really like Raton it’s much closer to home. G

    • Very cool. Although I didn’t see the Melody Lane Motel, I shall look out for it or it’s remnants next time. Thank you, Sonja. G

    • It’s a fun place to spend a day. We missed the sweet shop. Thank you, Michael, we were actually there on Sunday before. Most places were closed pretty much. I hope you are well. Thank you for checking in. G

  8. I can honestly say, these photography subjects float my boat. When I bought my first 35mm camera in 1977 I wandered around the alleyways and industrial areas and canals in Leeds. I’m still enamored by industry and cityscapes. There’s a racetrack? I didn’t see that. Thank you, June. G

  9. This just popped up again! Yes a racetrack in Raton which sadly was closed in the early ’90s. It was actually the first horse racing track in NM and was about 50 years old when it was closed. They had both thoroughbred and quarter horse racing there. I don’t know what they did with it and wonder if they use what remains of it for anything now? As a big horse racing fan it was a must to visit when I was in Raton in the mid ’80s!

    • Fascinating, June. Thank you for sharing. I wasn’t aware of that fact about Raton.
      I hope you are doing well and enjoying the holiday season. Best wishes. G


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