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Wild Horses, Spring Time, Colorado

Wild Horses, spring time, in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. The stallion broke away from the two dozen other horses to chase down this mare across the fields. He was frisky… she wasn’t playing too hard to catch. There were three foals in this particular band of wild horses. I’m guessing there’ll be one more soon. Thanks for looking. G

Wild Horses, Spring Time, Colorado

2 thoughts on “Wild Horses, Spring Time, Colorado”

  1. May I ask what areas you might find wild horses?
    My Pagosa Springs Photo Club is looking for areas to do photography on wild horses.
    A friend has 2 mustangs from The Jicarilla area that we plan to view soon but it’s not the same as a herd.
    Appreciate suggestions.
    Thank you!
    Brenda Breding

    • There are many areas in the southern San Luis Valley. I will send you an email with info on who to contact for a guide. Thanks for looking. G


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