Harvest Moon Rising Over Taos Pueblo

The almost full Harvest Moon rising over the Sangre de Cristo foothills at the Taos Pueblo, New Mexico. I waited ten minutes at this location along the highway through El Prado, watching amidst roaring traffic noise, waiting with the camera trained on this spot where the phone app said the moon will rise. The app was correct and I made a sequence of images from the moment it peeped over the trees. As it rose all noise from the highway seemed to cease. I heard birds and crickets and the sound of a light breeze in the trees. The moon silenced my world in that moment. Thanks for looking and continuing to look. G

Harvest Moon Rising Over Taos Pueblo

6 thoughts on “Harvest Moon Rising Over Taos Pueblo

  1. Mesmerizing Harvest Moon – must be an tremendous Sequence of photos taken here.
    Didn’t know that you utilized Phone Apps for Locations, and Timing, however. Must be fairly Common in your line of work, with the accessible Technology at hand these days. Fantastic!

    1. Thank you Ronald. I use the app to basically point me looking in the right point where it will rise in relationship to where I am. Cheers. G

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