Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Morning Clouds, Latir Peaks, Red-Tailed Hawk, Street Figure, Wolf Moonrise.

Morning clouds yesterday over the Sangre de Cristo, (Rocky Mountains) from the dining room window. I love my views from the various rooms in the house. I saw a goldfish endeavoring to escape the fishbowl. You?

Morning Clouds
Morning Clouds, San Cristobal, NM

The high winds morphed the clouds rapidly into a badger! I’m sorry but I often see badgers in the clouds. All and any interpretations are welcome here!

Morning Cloud shapes
Morphing clouds, San Cristobal, NM

If you are interested here’s an interpretation of Badger Totem.

The following image is the snow-capped Virsylvia Peak in the Latir Peaks Wilderness. Not from the dining room window but a short drive north to the Colorado state line.

Virsylvia Peak
Virsylvia Peak in the Latir Peaks Wilderness, New Mexico.

A familiar sight on the drive to Taos, a Red-tailed Hawk in its usual place. This power pole or at other times a treetop across the street offers this raptor a view of what I suspect is a choice hunting spot. It’s gratifying to see the same bird day in and day out. I would miss this creature if it wasn’t there.

Red-tailed Hawk
Red-tailed Hawk, Taos, NM

Not a spectacular photo but I photograph what I see and like. I found this figure under my car in downtown Taos. I liked it so I’m posting it. At first, I thought it was a Lego® figure, no, but it was definitely a flattened figure becoming one with the road.

Street figure, Taos
A street figure, downtown Taos, NM

Coming up next Monday is the “Wolf Moon”. Here are five sequential images of last year’s Wolf Moon rising over Vallecito Peak from Arroyo Hondo, NM. I wish now I’d turned on the video camera. Maybe I’ll do that with next Monday’s upcoming Wolf Moon.

Wolf Moon

Wolf Moonrise

Wolf Moon rising

Full Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon over snow capped peaks

As always, thanks for looking. Have a great week. G

21 thoughts on “Morning Clouds, Latir Peaks, Red-Tailed Hawk, Street Figure, Wolf Moonrise.”

  1. all – fabulous, but strangely I’m taken to “a street figure”. Look up look down, look all around … and that’s what you do. Admire what and how you do your art.

  2. Hi I see a dinosaur. Beautiful background of blue with the wolf moon hope it’s as clear next time.
    Great that you have such magical views from your windows.

    • That’s the beauty of clouds. I plan on being out there for this year’s wolf moon for sure. Stay tuned for more images from the windows in various rooms in the house. Thank you, Alison. I hope you are well. G

  3. Simple: A Roswell UFO man made with a Michael’s Bakery corn tortilla by an industrious 6 year old was meant as a treat for the parking lot raven. Ummmm, breakfast enchiladas

  4. Geriant, I love the badger medicine reading. It feels so “with” the times in 2022. Badger seems a solid base for how we must move forward. Your series of moon shots is absolutely stunning! And, although it may have been taken somewhere else, I feel like I am right there on the road in El Prado watching the fields with this hawk! I always see them there.

    • Badger seems to show up often for me, especially in clouds. The hawk I see most often is this one near RC Gorman’s place. I do know the one in El Prado that you see often. I enjoy watching them all. Thank you, Susan. Happy New Year. G

  5. As always, thanks for sharing your fantastic photos. All the best for a New Year of captivating
    images of our home, best wishes and good health! Gracias.

    • Robert, thank you. I really appreciate your comments and compliments over the years. Thank you for your generous words and a happy new year to you. Here’s to a good one. Stay healthy and well. G


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